Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Puja -

 I give you the work of a love genius...  jewelry of Puja
photo credit: Sandra Jara.

Puja is more than just a line of jewelry. It’s more than just clothes and accessories. And it’s about more than just consumerism. It is an outlet for creativity and expression, for both us, and you. It is an exploration of ones self, the universe, spirituality and the human race. It’s a world where anything is possible and dreams are more important than reality. Started out of an obsession with India and the ritual of getting dressed, whether it be putting on jeans and a t shirt with no more thought than to simply clothe oneself; adorning your body with jewels and couture; or anything in between, puja’s goal is to create forward yet wearable clothes and accessories and to push the boundaries of what society will accept, visually and culturally. Old or young, tall or short, male or female, local or global, puja’s work is created for free spirits and forward thinkers, creative geniuses and business masterminds, lovers and revolutionaries, and most of all, individuals with big ideas and bigger dreams. Out of love and passion, we thank you for your curiosity and support.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Love is beautiful.

Photos by Sandra Jara

Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael James O'brien and a little Dita Von Teese

The work of Michael James O'brien  

Heels and corsets, on a male... i am simply dying.
And if you must get more corsets, then here you go...

Left: I give you Dita Von Teese Right: I give you Mr. Pearl
two a-ma-zing sexual creatures.
and let me just add a bit more of Dita

Corsets + high heels = Dita Von Teese
tease me and please me. good night.

It has been a while

Hello lovers :) 
It has been a while and for that i apologize.
But i am back and this time I will be updating with new work, focused heavily on photography and of course some of the outings going around our beautiful town.

amor y paz.