Friday, December 23, 2011

new blog

Well dear virtual friends is time for a new blog and I have now decided to move to tumblr.

My new blog is

See you there!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Always new beginnings

Hola from the wonderful country of Peru.
I am now in the home of the Incas, my homeland... my "hood"
Many interesting things have happened in these last four months and I won´t get into it because it doesn´t deserve much attention simply a brief mention as a fortunate series of events that are leading me to a wonderful new adventure.
In observance of my cousin´s computer´s slow death... I sit here in a "cabina" surrounded by euphoric kids playing their online killing games while I attempt to update my neglected photo blog... I can really use some headphones to block the sound of kids cussing at each other while playing... "oe! matame pe!" "oe apura marica!" oh yes the love, the LOVE!! I will surrunder and just laugh for now.
Anyway, my main goal was to update you in my shenanigans and well I will start with my roadtrip with my cousins to the city of "La Merced"
Here we are in the river "PerenĂ©"

Notice the way my cousins (Milagros on the left and Erika on the right) are grabing on to the side of the boat... oh yes, as much fun as we were having, we did not want to fall on the water.

We also went to a "ashanika" community and they encouraged us to dress like them in order to get a full experience... apparently this is funny to Milagros


And now I dare you to hold a lovely snake.... yeah... no thanks

But what I enjoyed the most was nature´s beauty... simply breathtaking...


One spot that seemed to be THE place to be on a sunday was "Wharapo"
Notice the amount of motorcycles, cars are simply not an option around here.

Cars end up like this... r.i.p. green car... r.i.p.