Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Infatuation and monday lovers

well Wikipedia says:
Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoned passion or love; addictive love. Usually one is inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.
so this explains why i fall in love all the time
last monday i fell in love with:
a - Nacho.
dos - Jonte.
tres - sara.
lovers available here now
fall in love, love with all you got and don't look back
because "bitches come and go but we love them all."

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years and the lovely ladies of Booby Trap

Yes lovers:
this wednesday night is what all the east side girls are craving for and do not worry there will be plenty of champagne to go around...
you just bring the boobies and we'll see you there

New Year's with "we are the world"

hello lovers, 
you all know how i absolutely love Nina McNeely and how i fall in love with her performances every single time, well i have really good news for you all, she is part of "We are the World" and they will be performing New Year's eve at The Echo, you just can't miss this... just read the L.A. RECORD's interview with the group :) 
just look at some of their performances:

here are some photos from their performance at Mustache Mondays on Dec. 8th
and if that's not enough for you and you are just craving for more and more
then go to
and listen away!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Drop it" off the Seven Ten

So its christmas day and i don't know why but i decide to go out for a drink, perhaps two... ok fine i had three, anyways... i took the 710 just to find myself in Long Beach and there i decide to venture out to "Que Sera" as i enter i find myself surrounded by beautiful girls just like this one right here, my feet started itching to dance...
and as i approach the dance floor... well what do you know? there is a girl that already has beat me to the fourth drink of the night, oh how i envy that inner peace...
but i certainly do not envy having a bottle up in my mouth like norel's but i guess that's just me
and you know how you always pray that you do not encounter a guy that asks you to freak with him on the dance floor? well ladies and gentleman i present to you: that guy. 
anyways i was definitely happy to see a familiar face and even better if she was being molested
another familiar face from L.A. was Crystal... and i couldn't help but to ask her: "where are your high heel black boots?"
it was definitely a good night, just ask her... wink wink
and if you want to see more photos from such night just go to "the Seven Ten"

Brian Lichtenberg by GREKO

Brian Lichtenberg fashion film "Static"
Directed by Greko

i am soo excited what Brian is planning to create for the next L.A. Fashion show :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar:
aroused... ?
a. true
b. false

Mason vs. Princess Superstar
should i call the ambulance or the fire department?

Friday, December 26, 2008

MUSTACHE MONDAYS: in a Nacho's World

Good evening lovers of the world!
If you were walking around the streets of downtown L.A. and came across this man, would you: 

a. kiss him
b. hug him
c. slap him for being so cute
d. grab his ass

Well i don't know about you but i would do all of the above; and why on earth would i want to do that? if you don't know yet this is Nacho, one of the three men behind Mustache Mondays (Presented by Josh Peace, Danny and Nacho) and it was his birthday, now don't ask me how old he is because i don't know and plus all you really need to know is how wonderful his soul is.     
now look here buddy we are here for nacho's birthday, not the blow job... wait a minute... did you stay until the end of the night? *ahem* 
moving on... what were we talking about? nachos with your tacos, nachos in your mustachio... right nacho's birthday... focus focus!
If you live downtown and like to mingle with your neighbors then you most likely know Andre. He delighted us with his amazing talent, it was such a pleasure to hear him sing and if you see him don't hesitate to say hello :) you won't regret seeing such a warm smile.
Up next was Nina McNeely's turn to perform and boy oh boy oh boy!!! how can i explain? all i can really say is that this girl is an incredible dancer, she moves with such passion that i can't put into words
just watch her choreography work... 

well now you understand why i love nina so much!

and up next was time for Ongina's performances, yes my lovers, she performed not only once but twice in one night!
let's get to the point and take a look shall we?
first was Britney Spears' "Circus" ...

and then was Beyonce's "Halo"

this bitch is FIERCE!  and you better be ready to see her on RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGO! coming this Feb. 2nd 2009!
with all the excitement, pouring beer all over Fade-Dra did not seem like such a bad idea after all, i love this bitch, she always has a good time with the mic.
so as you see here... these are few of the reasons why i love monday nights, these are the things that happen on a nacho world...
good night.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Naughty Christmas

ah the gifts we get for christmas... well, lucky for icee, not only did she get an early christmas gift but also a birthday present from Lolita, just look at the grin on her face.
It was also Davonee's (Logo's "Gimme Sugar") birthday, i normally see her out in boyish but fashionable warm clothes, especially during this cold weather but to my surprise i found her wearing a dress! was it full moon that night?... anyways what was not so shocking was to see her text message non-stop. 
talking about birthdays... it was definitely not Jack Daniel's... so why is she getting alcohol poured down her throat like this? because she has the money and she gets down like that! is this what you people call the fountain of youth?

Dear MizzChicago, did we really meet or was that just a beautiful dream in which we exchanged business cards, danced, blinded each other with flashes, and cut in line for pizza all while the effects of alcohol were merely taking over of our already drunkselves? i guess dreams do come true. 
now if you happen to know someone in Chicago you might just want to check who just got caught! ha!
now do you notice the cute poster behind lovely MizzChicago? well who do you think was in charge of the music? well of course it had to be the lovely DJ Lezlee 
this girl is A-MA-ZING! and if you don't believe me why don't you just drop by at the dinah shore 2009 and hear her yourself! not only is she incredibly talented but she is muy caliente! ay! alguien que llame a los bomberos que me estoy quemando! and i think icee speaks for all when i say that we love love love this dj. the end.

Monday, December 22, 2008

YSL Men Fall/Winter 08-09 Collection
where do i even start? the music, the clothes, the model, the director?... all the work behind it
here are the basics
Creative Director: Stefano Pilati
Directors: Chris Sweeney and Sarah Chatfield
Music: Michel Gaubert
Remake Soundtrack for Internet usage: Mix of "Sound of Silver" by LCD Soundsystem

i know this video is quite old but i still love the work... i can't get over it... love it!
Feliz Navidad!
christmas is almost here and i just couldn't help myself...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

this always makes me laugh... a lot!

if you were a gummy bear... would you bite your own leg? depends on what flavor i guess...
ladies of beautiful L.A. the weekend is over, christmas is near, the rain has stopped, and is still a little cold out there... now do you need me to give you more reasons to come out tonight and celebrate a very hot naughty christmas?


p.s. click on the photo to get a peek at the new site the girls of fuse have just for you *grin*

Friday, December 19, 2008

so finally friday has arrived and along have come the memories from last friday at the always fun and perverted TruckStop. I just can't help but remember these memorable images...

will you be needing a napkin or a towel to wipe the drool off your mouth?
anyways... this saturday Dec 20th will be another story... one of these ladies will be your early christmas gift... settle down now... you just wait until saturday... christmas never tasted so yummy...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ay amigos de habla hispana, aqui les voy con mas noticias frescas para sus lindos ojitos... miren no mas... ahora me estoy preparando para ir a la gran fiesta de oficina para esta navidad, estara muy buena y pues como ustedes saben, no se la pueden perder :)
no tienen excusa, la lluvia ya paro! y ahora si no les queda otra que de salir a bailar y a mover ese cuerpito para calentarnos mas aun
asi que los veo al rato amigos

besos! ciao

Monday, December 15, 2008

a few thoughts going through my mind:
- good dodging skills
- the shoes are mighty big
- "this is your farewell kiss, you dog"
- that iraqi reporter has balls!
- do it again!! hahahahaha
- mr. soon to be ex-president what could you possibly have done to make this man so angry? i wonder...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

it used to be for me a sure thing at the abbey, enjoying a mimosa or five, talking and eating but mostly drinking... aaaah yeah but you know what? it is freakin cold! so instead of those mimosas perhaps a hot tea with half a glass of honey will do for this insane cold of mine or should i put to some use some of those herbal influences from this past wednesday night?

which reminds me... wednesday night at booby trap. let's take a look, shall we?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

who wants to deal with all the traffic in hollywood blvd? well certainly not me.
that is why last saturday(dec. 6th) night i decided to head over to the east side for a little hidden heaven... yummy i must say.
It was Heaven a new monthly event that takes place at Vertigos in downtown. 
i would tell you all about it but i rather show you so click here
you go ahead and do that while i sip on the open bottle of wine i just found. good night.

Friday, December 12, 2008

GIRLS... and more girls...
as a girl lover, i must say that seeing very attractive girls feed my hand with drinks all night and having the amazingly luck to see them dance every so often throughout the night is just what a true friday should feel like
and of course just like any other addiction, you want more and more and yet some more.
well you better get those pumps ready for tonight!
i didn't feel like going out so much... but to pass on the opportunity to see this (see below)... HA!
i don't think so!
so see you guys...sorry i mean GIRLS there

if you don't know where this is, you've been missing out. the end.
i think is rather funny that people who assume only get so far in life.
for people that have high levels of vanity to think that everything revolves around them, not only that everyone talks about them but that ANY comment made, may just relate to one person... well i am sorry to break it down to you but i think that is way too funny...
and i am in the mood for a good laugh :)
words are powerful and many times are used as weapons so let's be careful how we use them.
there is nothing more beautiful than honesty and good feelings, if you want true love and happiness in your life... do only good, think highly of others and BE the source of love.
i miss many things of my past but i am happy of what i have now and wouldn't trade it for anything.
let's each follow our paths and not worry about anything else, let's just live life.

you know what? i think THIS photo shoot was probably not only funny but hilarious!
funny women, a bit of vanity, a splash of alcohol and Annie Leibovitz behind the lens... ugh! a dream come true :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

BIPOLAR @ Mal's Bar (tonight!!)

and for the curious... the question is... how was booby trap last night?
it was A-MA-ZING! obviously. photos soon to come :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i don't know where to start... or end for that matter... 
all i know is that it has been a crazy but fun week and i am still craving for more....ah yes!
tomorrow girls please reminding you to be cleavage friendly once again...

see you there :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"quien? yo?"
it is wednesday again, let's go to MUCHO wednesdays @ La Cita in downtown, i can't wait to party con mi gente :) que comience la peda! hahahaha

Monday, December 1, 2008

last wednesday i decided to pay appropriate tribute to booby trap (wednesdays @ temporary spaces) the result is simply delicious... "moist boobies"
during my "low key" weekend i had the pleasure to hang out with nacho, a-ma-zing heart of yours!
and how can i miss the most dirty fun party for a pervert like myself?
patron shot: check
camera: check
i am ready to get nasty! bring it! bring it!
truck stop (friday nights @ Here Lounge)