Friday, December 12, 2008

i think is rather funny that people who assume only get so far in life.
for people that have high levels of vanity to think that everything revolves around them, not only that everyone talks about them but that ANY comment made, may just relate to one person... well i am sorry to break it down to you but i think that is way too funny...
and i am in the mood for a good laugh :)
words are powerful and many times are used as weapons so let's be careful how we use them.
there is nothing more beautiful than honesty and good feelings, if you want true love and happiness in your life... do only good, think highly of others and BE the source of love.
i miss many things of my past but i am happy of what i have now and wouldn't trade it for anything.
let's each follow our paths and not worry about anything else, let's just live life.

you know what? i think THIS photo shoot was probably not only funny but hilarious!
funny women, a bit of vanity, a splash of alcohol and Annie Leibovitz behind the lens... ugh! a dream come true :)

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