Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leopold and the bang bang bangs and is that Alaska Thunkerfuck and Alice Cunt?

Dear Lovers:
first of all, let me tell you how i love the recent compliments i have been receiving. It simply makes me happier if you are happy. I enjoy every photo i am able to share with you from night to night.  And with that in mind i can't express how visually stimulated i am when i see A-MA-ZING people perform at mustache mondays. 
This past monday, a very talented man who we call Leopold Numan along with the bang bang bangs performed and  this time with two lovely ladies. Alaska Thunderfuck (sorry if i misspell) and Alice Cunt were alongside Leopold while he gave a fabulous show...
just take a look at a past performance, he is just FAN-TAS-TI-CO!!!

Good night biatches... and don't forget to brush your teeth and wipe your...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adam and Eve

Dear Lovers:
you think you know but you have no idea... ?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cheating... lesbian advice from Cherry Bomb

Dear Lovers:
what are your thoughts on cheating? would you forgive your partner? given them an alcohol pass? in this crazy l.a. lesbian scene at least it seems to be all very confusing but have no fear my friends! the girls from cherry bomb will guide you through it :)

for more cherry bomb advice just check them out on

good night!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

L Word finale: FINALLY!!

Dear Lovers:

so the L Word huh? if you missed any of the drama throughout this past six seasons and you are looking to find some information here, then you better click away my friend because i am not going to tell you any of it! ha! 
I was hooked for the first season and that was the end of it for me, but for some reason i always went back... always went back to The Falcon that is.. 2x ha!
what was the deal with the weekly gathering at a restaurant where all the l.a. lesbians wanted to be at? was "Shane" going to show up? Paris Hilton among lesbians? what?
NO! I tell you what the deal is... yes i tell you... L Word @ The Falcon is just another reason to be out among lesbians! to meet new and old friends, friends of friends, or perhaps to run into that cutie you have your eyes on.
The first couple of seasons, i really didn't hear ANYTHING! was i going deaf? no, it was due to all that talking... and really i don't blame them for talking loud...
why try to even follow screen drama when the majority of the girls there were sharing their REAL drama with their friends while sipping on their alcohol fueled drinks? And is it not true that the L word was based on the L.A. lesbian scene? well there you have it! all the l.a. lesbians had left to do was to mingle and mingle and mingle!!! now don't shake your head pretending this is not true because after a nice dinner and some wine all you wish is to be next to another body, to hear some sexy beat on the background (and this time was thanks to dj Saratonin) while some girls prefer to grind their *ahem*
can somebody please hand me a towel?
yes so where were we? right... well my point is that really there is no happy ending or is there? can i get a massage with that? (i hope someone gets this)
just look at the Lword finale, who killed jenny? ugh! i am just thankful that this is done BUT i am quite sad that i have one less reason to hang out with my beautiful friends while some are looking to find excitement in a tv box or huge wall screen...
aren't our lives exciting enough?well  just look at these dirty dirty gals <<< ... and to answer your question, yes! they most likely did get some, or perhaps gave it to each other...
i say: FA-BU-LOUS! 
for the night's photos click on "The End?"
p.s. charlene, how many going away parties do you actually have?
p.s.s. ladies! tomorrow is boobytrap!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Charlene's farewell LIVE from Panty Raid

Dear Lovers:

How are you? no really, feel free to share...

Anyways can we start by saying

Charlene: we are going to miss you!

who is going to snatch attack us?

who is going to make us run every half an hour to the bar with that sweet but demanding voice that yells out : "laaaaaadies!!! GET your asses in heeeeerrrrreeee" 
who in their right mind doesn't recognize your voice on a friday night?
You are the voice we hear in the background while we intoxicate ourselves, dance and stare at the "TruckStopGirlz" every friday night! ugh and now you are going to Miami? Well they better get ready for what is coming their way and if it all goes as planned, the girls there will completely fall in love with your sweet, funny and vibrant self.
It is hard to say good-bye and thank goodness this is only a see you later, yes in a few months she will be back, so don't worry girls, we just gotta tough it out :)
As promised by the girls of fuse,  Michelle Agnew and Linda Fusco,  thursday night was going  to make you wet in all the right places, and it sure did! with the help of the sassy girls behind the bar... which reminds me to ask...

Bam-Bam: how do you shake that thang of yours? is there a secret drink you make behind the bar to give you enough power to jiggle your best feature?
Vanity: how strong are you legs? or wait should i ask this question to charlene? since she is the one that was almost getting chocked by your powerful legs?
Scout: can you please describe to us what is like to have someone sucking belvedere from the junk you got in your trunk? i would like a single lined one-page paper explaining it thank you.
and Lolita: what is the deal with the half and half? is it not the same to use perhaps vanilla soy milk? i bet is just if not more creamy, wouldn't you think so?
Well whatever the answers to these questions are... 
I am sure their mutual goal was to get Charlene amazingly wasted* and i think they did achieve this quite early in the night, BUT most importantly their goal was to give her one memorable "farewell" party she won't forget!

*F.Y.I. it is very rare to see Charlene completely absolutely wasted, so if you missed it...too bad! because she is hilarious when super intoxicated

If you would like to see the photos well just look for the album "tetitas GIGANTS"

ciao ciao.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cole "Come Join the Movement" presented by Mustache Mondays

Dear Lovers:

You know by now that i am a lover and how much i enjoy having people spread love through art be it dance or song and this time, i found just that and even better all wrapped up in one single naughty package.
Her name is Cole and she is the voice behind the movement.
and what kind of movement is this?
well as she says:

A world that flows with no prejudice. 
Where everyone walks in peace and harmony.
It doesn't matter what religion you practice,
your sexual orientation, sexual preference, or skin color.
It is about your intentions, character, and who you really are. 
We must acknowledge that it is time. Time for a movement!

this sexmobile69 (as her myspace music page states) embodies sexual energy with her soft and yummy voice. Her moves are so soft on the hip and harder after each beat that i just found myself rocking  my own body up against another sweaty body during the night... and it is always a plus to find a good dancing partner,  i love to dirty dance, to sweat and enjoy the music all night...

i can't help but put this song on repeat and hell yeah i want to join the movement especially if it has all these erotic moves... i was more than aroused to see cole perform...
and trust me... i do want to switch it up... ooh girl, you are soo good, can i have a naughty dance with you?

and talking about good vibes, good beats and mucho amor... this is just one more reason why i love my monday nights... i am visually stimulated, musically influenced by josh peace and total freedom and i get a-ma-zing hugs from justo plus i get to harrass danny? ugh you bitches (the ones that go every monday should know better) that this place is really my second home.
Just look at the photos from "Come Join the Movement"
Now tonight i am off to have some spanish pop delight at Mucho Wednesdays with "Uli & the Gringos"
Good night, and spread the love :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fade-Dra brought to you by the crazy bitches at Mustache Mondays

Dear Lovers:
is monday again and you know how it goes down, just look at what you missed last monday... the lovely bitch a.k.a Fade-Dra sure knows how to put on that make-up... i can't resist her natural beauty :) 
look at the photos from last monday: "Provocative"

and how does that saying go? something about "like father like son" ugh whatever you get the point
I present to you Fade-Dra's mother Squeaky Blond

and if you want to steal a photo or two from that night just go to "Blonde Dream"
Bitch betta werk!!
see you monday lovers later for another fabulous night and this time with Cole "Come Join the movement"
Good night!