Monday, March 2, 2009

Fade-Dra brought to you by the crazy bitches at Mustache Mondays

Dear Lovers:
is monday again and you know how it goes down, just look at what you missed last monday... the lovely bitch a.k.a Fade-Dra sure knows how to put on that make-up... i can't resist her natural beauty :) 
look at the photos from last monday: "Provocative"

and how does that saying go? something about "like father like son" ugh whatever you get the point
I present to you Fade-Dra's mother Squeaky Blond

and if you want to steal a photo or two from that night just go to "Blonde Dream"
Bitch betta werk!!
see you monday lovers later for another fabulous night and this time with Cole "Come Join the movement"
Good night!


Anonymous said...

Why aren't the pictures for the last couple of albums not working? It says click on the image to view but nothing happens.

La Madre said...

i apologize in advance, we are working on fixing this problem and soon within the next couple of days we will have a new format so that is easier to see, download and share the photos.
just out of curiosity which album exactly are you talking about?
Thanks for letting me know about this problem and thank you for always checking back :)

Anonymous said...

The album from 2.26.09 at Panty raid

La Madre said...

that is soo weird, i just opened the page and it loads just fine, maybe try giving it a minute or two to fully download the page and then try again, but if that doesn't work, by next week we will have this taken care of :)
thank you again for always checking back.
have a beautiful day!
ciao ciao