Thursday, February 26, 2009

Booby Trap: Mearii did what?

Dear Lovers:

Booby Trap brought Mearii to spin not only the sweaty bodies at temporary spaces but she came ready to whip us into shape!
Could there ever be a night at booby trap when i don't stumble upon a beautiful dj or two? it is ridiculous! i don't know where these lovely ladies appear from but i sure don't mind at all... and i am more than sure that nobody complains either... eye candy and sick mixes? this place should be called "Heaven" or something along those lines...
The place was packed! it took me and Myranda a good twenty minutes to find parking and by the time we finally made it in all we saw were hands up and booties shaking from left to right and down of course.
So many familiar faces! and a few new ones, it was just great!
I couldn't leave the place even if i tried! just ask kim anh how many times i made the attempt to leave, and why would i want to leave? i was sooo incredibly sad when i realized that my camera gave up on me, just like that! the shutter went crazy on me but WHATEVER (i took it to the shop and a couple of dollars later... it finally works again) 
Anyways, i can't stop bragging about this night, lucky for me i was able to capture some moments from the night, sorry lovers (the ones i missed on my way last night) 
You guys have no idea how impotent i felt when i couldn't record funny and sexy moments but fear no more because my camera is like new and ready for tonight at PANTY RAID... DJ Killed by Synth is playing all night!!! say what!!! ladies ladies ladies... is time for a freakin' good time!!!

Last night's album is coming up soon, look for "reserved"

p.s. the website( will be going through a few more changes so hang on tight. You will be able to download your photos easily i promise, i just ask for you to keep the watermarks on the photos :)

have a wonderful night lovers!
spread love love love

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