Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The list

Dear lovers:
the following is a letter given to me by a very close friend of mine, who i admire and appreciate having in my life. Thank you yenny for introducing me to patty :) you both are such good friends to me! i love ya!
so for you out there that would like to share this bit, go ahead and make someone happy :)

the most destructive habit... worry
the greatest joy... giving
the greatest lost... self-respect
the most satisfying work... helping others
the ugliest personality trait... selfishness
the most endangered species... dedicated leaders
our greatest natural resource... our youth
the greatest "shot in the arm"... encouragement
the greatest problem to overcome... fear
the most effective sleeping pill... peace of mind
the most crippling failure disease... excuses
the most powerful force in life... love
the most dangerous pariah... a gossiper
the world's most incredible computer... the brain
the worst thing to be without... hope
the deadliest weapon... the tongue
the two most power-filled words... "I can"
the greatest asset... faith
the most worthless emotion... self-pity
the most beautiful attire... smile :)
the most prized possession... integrity
the most powerful channel of communication... prayer
the most contagious spirit... enthusiasm
everyone needs this list to live by so pass it on...

* All i have to offer is love, unconditional love for my true friends and family. Let's be grateful everyday that we are alive, healthy and surrounded by people that care for us. 

Monday, January 26, 2009


dear lovers:
thank you for always checking back, lately i have been really really oh so bad with updating and keeping you busy with something new to read, but i have exciting news and they will soon take place, so sit and hold tight... yes tighten those buttocks and wait to see the new and improved site i have in store for all of you.
on the other hand if you do not have any buttocks due to sitting at your desk all day then you might want to get some *ahem* gear?
let's take a look, shall we?
for now, many kisses and hugs, love you all :)

p.s. for some reason i wanted to double check how buttocks are spelled and came across the definition of it.
here i give you:

either of the two fleshy parts that form the lower rear area of a human trunk.

i didn't know i had a "trunk" but do i even have "junk" in it?
i better start exercising...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rupaul's Drag Race Art show

dear lovers; 
last night i indulged in the booby mania but tonight i feel like indulging in some fabulous drag loving... Ongina! i am on my way now... oh and should i stop by at panty raid? mmm decisions decisions...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Panty Raid; the "new" night @ {not there} lounge

dear lovers; 
do you remember about two or three years ago when thursday nights were the only night you were really looking forward to attend during the week?
we were just dying for our weekly dose of hot mamas, booty shaking music and fucking good times... 
well a little birdy told me that those memories are coming back to life and with a brand new name "Panty Raid" mmm...
i might not get the name perhaps because i am foreign and don't think the name is cute... or perhaps i am just perverted and would have preferred to call it something like "Kitty Litter" or "hooker boots" or even "dyke central"
can't we just call it "let's get drunk, make out and dance like nobody is watching"
but then again how can we call it that when lamadre is watching?
ay ay ay...
what i look forward on this night is to dance to the beats of Dj Josh Peace and sexy Dj Lezlee, i will definitely be shaking my booty to their sick sick mixes
Robin, tomorrow is all about you and our tranny dance. the end.

Booby Trap! a weekly gathering of fabulous dancing boobies

dear lovers;
i am so happy that is wednesday night again, because that means that i get my fix of boobies... and what do you know? i love boobies! ha ha ha... don't judge me, just come out and have fun with the ladies, have two or more shots of patron and indulge in the beauty that surrounds you...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Khristianne Uy: L.A's next great chef

Hello lovers:
A few months ago i had the opportunity to work with two a-ma-zing girls, Khristianne Uy and Jessica Amodeo. 
The three of us got together and we were certainly on a mission!
Khristianne was debating on whether the make-up was too girly or not enough, while Jessica was outside on the patio just writing away on her laptop and all the while i was playing around with my camera and trying to calm down Khristianne who was super nervous about her photoshoot. Don't worry, it only took us about an hour to get her to relax! ha! 
go to my flickr account to see more photos of this photoshoot.
but we definitely managed to do it and now were are more than happy to share with you what has come out of this experience.
I am super excited about this because this is my first cover photo, you guys just can't imagine how happy this makes me :)
This had to be celebrated and so we did this past saturday at Eleven in WeHo along with beautiful friends and part of the Kreate LA family.
click on the pictures to enlarge and to read the article but picking up a hard copy is highly suggested because her story is worthy of your attention.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Flight to Fantasy with Booby Trap was simply a delight!

Good Evening lovers;
did you have an amazing new year celebration? 
you better because i wouldn't want to be the only one to brag about the night i decided to go to booby trap and enjoy the company of smoking hot ladies that showed off not only their shiny pumps but danced to the beats of dj kim anh and saratonin while petite dresses across the floor swayed all night long
midnight kiss? overrated. and why? these ladies don't wait around for a kiss... if they want it you better give it!
kiss bandits #1
kiss bandits #2
now about the toast, some prefer to use champagne glasses but other classy gals rather take the bottle and enjoy the ride, and who can blame khristianne for such move? 
well she just never saw (literally) this coming...
next time you try to celebrate something don't invite kris, she will leave you blind!
but we don't want to go there... where we do want to go is to the page with all the photos from the night
enjoy your night and be bad!