Monday, January 12, 2009

Khristianne Uy: L.A's next great chef

Hello lovers:
A few months ago i had the opportunity to work with two a-ma-zing girls, Khristianne Uy and Jessica Amodeo. 
The three of us got together and we were certainly on a mission!
Khristianne was debating on whether the make-up was too girly or not enough, while Jessica was outside on the patio just writing away on her laptop and all the while i was playing around with my camera and trying to calm down Khristianne who was super nervous about her photoshoot. Don't worry, it only took us about an hour to get her to relax! ha! 
go to my flickr account to see more photos of this photoshoot.
but we definitely managed to do it and now were are more than happy to share with you what has come out of this experience.
I am super excited about this because this is my first cover photo, you guys just can't imagine how happy this makes me :)
This had to be celebrated and so we did this past saturday at Eleven in WeHo along with beautiful friends and part of the Kreate LA family.
click on the pictures to enlarge and to read the article but picking up a hard copy is highly suggested because her story is worthy of your attention.

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