Monday, January 5, 2009

Flight to Fantasy with Booby Trap was simply a delight!

Good Evening lovers;
did you have an amazing new year celebration? 
you better because i wouldn't want to be the only one to brag about the night i decided to go to booby trap and enjoy the company of smoking hot ladies that showed off not only their shiny pumps but danced to the beats of dj kim anh and saratonin while petite dresses across the floor swayed all night long
midnight kiss? overrated. and why? these ladies don't wait around for a kiss... if they want it you better give it!
kiss bandits #1
kiss bandits #2
now about the toast, some prefer to use champagne glasses but other classy gals rather take the bottle and enjoy the ride, and who can blame khristianne for such move? 
well she just never saw (literally) this coming...
next time you try to celebrate something don't invite kris, she will leave you blind!
but we don't want to go there... where we do want to go is to the page with all the photos from the night
enjoy your night and be bad!

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