Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer loving

The Summer is here but are we really ready for it? well I know I am :)
*currently listenning to "Abusadora" by Wisin & Yandel* ---- true story.

I felt the summer finally arrive over the 4th of July weekend, I had the pleasure to hang out with amazing friends, my lovely twins "Baybee" Jessica, "Executive Chola" Nicole, "Power Bottom" Leah and Susie.

So, saturday night, Susie and I went to her friend's show for a bit, said hello here and there and immediately headed out to WeHo, flask in hand and mask in face, yes I said mask.

- Why? you ask...
- Why the heck not? I say

Anyway, the night was incredibly fun and the girls were cute cute cute... grrrr!

Then Sunday came around and it was time for some fun in the sun! and plenty of eye candy i tell you. The hosts Gilma (Shagilms on twitter) and Anna (AnnaPsutton on twitter) are THE hottest girls in the Los Angeles lesbian scene... the real L word? PLEASE!!! is much hotter and juicy to hang out with these two beauties than to watch anything else... TRUST ME!
and to prove it what better way to show you photos of their annual 4th of July "Bikini and Heels" Pool Party

The three B's you will need in order to have a successful sexy party:

- BOOBIES (and I concur with what the shirt says)

- BOOZE (were you thirsty Gilma?)


Above are the main ingredients but of course there are always few additives:

- heels

- a pool

- oh and maybe a spank machine?

Now my weekend wouldn't be complete without some tranny loving and that's when Jessica joined us to go to "Tranny Shack" at the Echoplex to see CAZWELL... "is it really all over your face?"
can someone remind me why we are looking down?

I love the people I choose to be surrounded by, Jess, Leah and Nicole I LOVE you!