Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunday Night Social

oooh la la la... tra la la la LA!! ooh yes my beautiful creatures of the night this sunday September 20th, 2009 will be the second edition of Sunday Night Social... the lineup is superb!
let's see how the boobytrap girls do it this time... i've heard some things about it... i better see it to believe it.... pass the word around ladies!

love & love

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bye bye summer!

Oh the hot days of summer are about to be part of the past... or will they?
I don't know if i can let go of such a ridiculous season... aaaahhhh the debauchery, fires over the mountains and sweaty pits... what a wonderful summer have we had, huh?
I am ready to cuddle up and keep warm with my beautiful negrita! oh yes... the one that i just can't get enough of :) 

Dear summer: is about time you go!