Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The list

Dear lovers:
the following is a letter given to me by a very close friend of mine, who i admire and appreciate having in my life. Thank you yenny for introducing me to patty :) you both are such good friends to me! i love ya!
so for you out there that would like to share this bit, go ahead and make someone happy :)

the most destructive habit... worry
the greatest joy... giving
the greatest lost... self-respect
the most satisfying work... helping others
the ugliest personality trait... selfishness
the most endangered species... dedicated leaders
our greatest natural resource... our youth
the greatest "shot in the arm"... encouragement
the greatest problem to overcome... fear
the most effective sleeping pill... peace of mind
the most crippling failure disease... excuses
the most powerful force in life... love
the most dangerous pariah... a gossiper
the world's most incredible computer... the brain
the worst thing to be without... hope
the deadliest weapon... the tongue
the two most power-filled words... "I can"
the greatest asset... faith
the most worthless emotion... self-pity
the most beautiful attire... smile :)
the most prized possession... integrity
the most powerful channel of communication... prayer
the most contagious spirit... enthusiasm
everyone needs this list to live by so pass it on...

* All i have to offer is love, unconditional love for my true friends and family. Let's be grateful everyday that we are alive, healthy and surrounded by people that care for us. 

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