Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Panty Raid; the "new" night @ {not there} lounge

dear lovers; 
do you remember about two or three years ago when thursday nights were the only night you were really looking forward to attend during the week?
we were just dying for our weekly dose of hot mamas, booty shaking music and fucking good times... 
well a little birdy told me that those memories are coming back to life and with a brand new name "Panty Raid" mmm...
i might not get the name perhaps because i am foreign and don't think the name is cute... or perhaps i am just perverted and would have preferred to call it something like "Kitty Litter" or "hooker boots" or even "dyke central"
can't we just call it "let's get drunk, make out and dance like nobody is watching"
but then again how can we call it that when lamadre is watching?
ay ay ay...
what i look forward on this night is to dance to the beats of Dj Josh Peace and sexy Dj Lezlee, i will definitely be shaking my booty to their sick sick mixes
Robin, tomorrow is all about you and our tranny dance. the end.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, madre -- you know whats up!
i wanted to go so bad last week but nobody i knew was out that night =[