Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cole "Come Join the Movement" presented by Mustache Mondays

Dear Lovers:

You know by now that i am a lover and how much i enjoy having people spread love through art be it dance or song and this time, i found just that and even better all wrapped up in one single naughty package.
Her name is Cole and she is the voice behind the movement.
and what kind of movement is this?
well as she says:

A world that flows with no prejudice. 
Where everyone walks in peace and harmony.
It doesn't matter what religion you practice,
your sexual orientation, sexual preference, or skin color.
It is about your intentions, character, and who you really are. 
We must acknowledge that it is time. Time for a movement!

this sexmobile69 (as her myspace music page states) embodies sexual energy with her soft and yummy voice. Her moves are so soft on the hip and harder after each beat that i just found myself rocking  my own body up against another sweaty body during the night... and it is always a plus to find a good dancing partner,  i love to dirty dance, to sweat and enjoy the music all night...

i can't help but put this song on repeat and hell yeah i want to join the movement especially if it has all these erotic moves... i was more than aroused to see cole perform...
and trust me... i do want to switch it up... ooh girl, you are soo good, can i have a naughty dance with you?

and talking about good vibes, good beats and mucho amor... this is just one more reason why i love my monday nights... i am visually stimulated, musically influenced by josh peace and total freedom and i get a-ma-zing hugs from justo plus i get to harrass danny? ugh you bitches (the ones that go every monday should know better) that this place is really my second home.
Just look at the photos from "Come Join the Movement"
Now tonight i am off to have some spanish pop delight at Mucho Wednesdays with "Uli & the Gringos"
Good night, and spread the love :)

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