Saturday, March 7, 2009

Charlene's farewell LIVE from Panty Raid

Dear Lovers:

How are you? no really, feel free to share...

Anyways can we start by saying

Charlene: we are going to miss you!

who is going to snatch attack us?

who is going to make us run every half an hour to the bar with that sweet but demanding voice that yells out : "laaaaaadies!!! GET your asses in heeeeerrrrreeee" 
who in their right mind doesn't recognize your voice on a friday night?
You are the voice we hear in the background while we intoxicate ourselves, dance and stare at the "TruckStopGirlz" every friday night! ugh and now you are going to Miami? Well they better get ready for what is coming their way and if it all goes as planned, the girls there will completely fall in love with your sweet, funny and vibrant self.
It is hard to say good-bye and thank goodness this is only a see you later, yes in a few months she will be back, so don't worry girls, we just gotta tough it out :)
As promised by the girls of fuse,  Michelle Agnew and Linda Fusco,  thursday night was going  to make you wet in all the right places, and it sure did! with the help of the sassy girls behind the bar... which reminds me to ask...

Bam-Bam: how do you shake that thang of yours? is there a secret drink you make behind the bar to give you enough power to jiggle your best feature?
Vanity: how strong are you legs? or wait should i ask this question to charlene? since she is the one that was almost getting chocked by your powerful legs?
Scout: can you please describe to us what is like to have someone sucking belvedere from the junk you got in your trunk? i would like a single lined one-page paper explaining it thank you.
and Lolita: what is the deal with the half and half? is it not the same to use perhaps vanilla soy milk? i bet is just if not more creamy, wouldn't you think so?
Well whatever the answers to these questions are... 
I am sure their mutual goal was to get Charlene amazingly wasted* and i think they did achieve this quite early in the night, BUT most importantly their goal was to give her one memorable "farewell" party she won't forget!

*F.Y.I. it is very rare to see Charlene completely absolutely wasted, so if you missed it...too bad! because she is hilarious when super intoxicated

If you would like to see the photos well just look for the album "tetitas GIGANTS"

ciao ciao.

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