Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leopold and the bang bang bangs and is that Alaska Thunkerfuck and Alice Cunt?

Dear Lovers:
first of all, let me tell you how i love the recent compliments i have been receiving. It simply makes me happier if you are happy. I enjoy every photo i am able to share with you from night to night.  And with that in mind i can't express how visually stimulated i am when i see A-MA-ZING people perform at mustache mondays. 
This past monday, a very talented man who we call Leopold Numan along with the bang bang bangs performed and  this time with two lovely ladies. Alaska Thunderfuck (sorry if i misspell) and Alice Cunt were alongside Leopold while he gave a fabulous show...
just take a look at a past performance, he is just FAN-TAS-TI-CO!!!

Good night biatches... and don't forget to brush your teeth and wipe your...

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