Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Drop it" off the Seven Ten

So its christmas day and i don't know why but i decide to go out for a drink, perhaps two... ok fine i had three, anyways... i took the 710 just to find myself in Long Beach and there i decide to venture out to "Que Sera" as i enter i find myself surrounded by beautiful girls just like this one right here, my feet started itching to dance...
and as i approach the dance floor... well what do you know? there is a girl that already has beat me to the fourth drink of the night, oh how i envy that inner peace...
but i certainly do not envy having a bottle up in my mouth like norel's but i guess that's just me
and you know how you always pray that you do not encounter a guy that asks you to freak with him on the dance floor? well ladies and gentleman i present to you: that guy. 
anyways i was definitely happy to see a familiar face and even better if she was being molested
another familiar face from L.A. was Crystal... and i couldn't help but to ask her: "where are your high heel black boots?"
it was definitely a good night, just ask her... wink wink
and if you want to see more photos from such night just go to "the Seven Ten"

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