Friday, December 26, 2008

MUSTACHE MONDAYS: in a Nacho's World

Good evening lovers of the world!
If you were walking around the streets of downtown L.A. and came across this man, would you: 

a. kiss him
b. hug him
c. slap him for being so cute
d. grab his ass

Well i don't know about you but i would do all of the above; and why on earth would i want to do that? if you don't know yet this is Nacho, one of the three men behind Mustache Mondays (Presented by Josh Peace, Danny and Nacho) and it was his birthday, now don't ask me how old he is because i don't know and plus all you really need to know is how wonderful his soul is.     
now look here buddy we are here for nacho's birthday, not the blow job... wait a minute... did you stay until the end of the night? *ahem* 
moving on... what were we talking about? nachos with your tacos, nachos in your mustachio... right nacho's birthday... focus focus!
If you live downtown and like to mingle with your neighbors then you most likely know Andre. He delighted us with his amazing talent, it was such a pleasure to hear him sing and if you see him don't hesitate to say hello :) you won't regret seeing such a warm smile.
Up next was Nina McNeely's turn to perform and boy oh boy oh boy!!! how can i explain? all i can really say is that this girl is an incredible dancer, she moves with such passion that i can't put into words
just watch her choreography work... 

well now you understand why i love nina so much!

and up next was time for Ongina's performances, yes my lovers, she performed not only once but twice in one night!
let's get to the point and take a look shall we?
first was Britney Spears' "Circus" ...

and then was Beyonce's "Halo"

this bitch is FIERCE!  and you better be ready to see her on RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGO! coming this Feb. 2nd 2009!
with all the excitement, pouring beer all over Fade-Dra did not seem like such a bad idea after all, i love this bitch, she always has a good time with the mic.
so as you see here... these are few of the reasons why i love monday nights, these are the things that happen on a nacho world...
good night.

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