Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Naughty Christmas

ah the gifts we get for christmas... well, lucky for icee, not only did she get an early christmas gift but also a birthday present from Lolita, just look at the grin on her face.
It was also Davonee's (Logo's "Gimme Sugar") birthday, i normally see her out in boyish but fashionable warm clothes, especially during this cold weather but to my surprise i found her wearing a dress! was it full moon that night?... anyways what was not so shocking was to see her text message non-stop. 
talking about birthdays... it was definitely not Jack Daniel's... so why is she getting alcohol poured down her throat like this? because she has the money and she gets down like that! is this what you people call the fountain of youth?

Dear MizzChicago, did we really meet or was that just a beautiful dream in which we exchanged business cards, danced, blinded each other with flashes, and cut in line for pizza all while the effects of alcohol were merely taking over of our already drunkselves? i guess dreams do come true. 
now if you happen to know someone in Chicago you might just want to check who just got caught! ha!
now do you notice the cute poster behind lovely MizzChicago? well who do you think was in charge of the music? well of course it had to be the lovely DJ Lezlee 
this girl is A-MA-ZING! and if you don't believe me why don't you just drop by at the dinah shore 2009 and hear her yourself! not only is she incredibly talented but she is muy caliente! ay! alguien que llame a los bomberos que me estoy quemando! and i think icee speaks for all when i say that we love love love this dj. the end.

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