Wednesday, October 15, 2008

good morning!

and thank you for having enough curiosity to find out what LaMadre is up to. 

this page is meant to be a guide to new adventures and fascinating experiences, which you may choose to be part of or simply enjoy from the comfort of your home.

LaMadre will always be watching and although a "picture is worth a thousand words" sometimes a couple of words can add some spice and fit quite nicely.

to all the amazing people i have met this past couple of months, you all are incredibly talented dancers, singers, djs, make-up artists, designers, chefs, writers, photographers, promoters, innovators, etc, etc, etc all of you: I love you! you hot bitches! haha now lean against that wall and let me blind you with my flash!

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Anonymous said...

you are SERIOUSLY GAY!!!


la yesca