Saturday, April 18, 2009

Afrobeta: how many times can you fall in love?

Summer is just around the corner and it seems that love keeps flourishing as we get sweaty each day, we itch for catchy beats, we have the urge to find a dancing partner in crime... and i just came across this miami shipped box full of pure delight! 
oh yes! she is sticky sweet!  she is "Cuci Amador" and she is not alone, she is accompanied by the lovely "Smurphio" whose hair i am soooo incredibly jealous of ! haha

Listening to this duo properly known as AFROBETA was incredibly sexy and just amazingly arousing! oh the beats, the moves, the sweat... i fucking love it all! smurphio's fingers on the keyboard, cuci's hips moving from side to side... ugh i fucking need a minute to relax... but just look at some of the main things i was paying attention throughout the sweaty performance...
- look at those lips!
- hips don't lie girl...
- oh sexy hairy fingers... 
their performance literally made me fall in love in so many ways... i can't really explain but i can give you some eye candy delight...

and with that i leave you guys to enjoy some a-ma-zing music provided by the talented Frank Leopold 
just click on the "MUCHO MIX" cover and enjoy every second of it! spanish lovers this is just for you! :)
and if you must have it, this is the track list:
moderatto-dame dame(frank leopold mix)
kinky-hasta quemarnos(marcelo cunning mix)
cafe tacuba-alarma la del beat(frank leopold mix)
pinker tones-sonido total
diego bernal-bring it home
la lupita-haciendo bizcos
angelica maria-johnny el enojon
beat buffet-luz verde
los matematicos-deje que hablen(frank leopold mix)
oscar tiene alas-mrs. moss(quemadiscos mix)
senor coconut-tour de france(frank leopold mix)
maria daniela-pobre estupida
monareta-llama(amasonico govirnavolka mix)
natalia y la forquetina-piel canela(frank leopold mix)
que out-esto es que out
cocky brain fuzz-big fat jumbo
julieta venegas-seria feliz(version bostich)
bostich fussible-tijuana sound machine
menudo-mi banda toca rock
los mono-promesas(dj afro mix)
dj's pareja-perfectoradargustavolamas
maria daniela y su sonido lasser-carita de angel
uli + gringos-no quiero
pilar diaz-novia de soldado(zonidoz)

have a lovely night everyone!

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crashcourse said...

Afrobeta sure is sexy and she has gorgeous lips. Beautiful!!
Thanks for posting. :)