Monday, April 6, 2009

Post Dina-ho

Dear Lovers; 
Have you ever witnessed a lesbian attack? well if you live in Palm Springs then you were lucky enough to see girls from around the world, having a good ol' time, drinking, dancing, making out, drinking, dancing, drinking... did i mention drinking? 
I forgot how fun it is to be surrounded by beautiful girls, drink and dance and have a good laugh with a best friend...
It has been really an a-ma-zing weekend and i can't even begin to tell you all the crazy adventures i went through because i don't remember the order in which they happened. 
don't hate mmmkay?!
saturday was a blur, and i thank this lovely girl that kept me company...she is the best! i really couldn't ask for more! and lucky for me that i spent some time with my best friend yenny (the inca reject) 
and to all the girls that i saw this past weekend... you looked hot! 
the photos will be up soon enough and i am sure words won't be needed...
have a lovely night and dream with little naked angels for me because i have seen enough skin this past weekend... hehe
otherwise if you are looking for some fun tonight, head on over to mustache mondays @ la cita... you know you want to sweat all night with lovely dj's Josh Peace and Total Freedom

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