Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pilar Diaz


If you are a loyal Mucho Wednesdays fan then you are having the amazing pleasure to listen to some lovely sounds by the talented Pilar Díaz whose residency will be held until next June 3rd @ LaCita in Downtown Los Angeles.

Señorita Díaz has an enchanting voice that captivates the audience en un dos por tres! (sorry non-spanish speaking kiddos)

This lady is not new to the scene, she was part of "Los Abandoned"  and with them crazy post-punk/latin alternative music was born... for instance "Van Nuys es very nice" 

or how about "Me quieren en Chile"
 it kinda reminds me of a latin "no doubt" hahaha but that was just the start of Pilar's next great big boom bam pow! (yeah i just made it up, so what? que?! Q-VO?)

Well it is only fair i give you a little taste of her current tracks right? She just released her solo album titled, you guessed it right, Pilar Diaz so get it get it!!! ( i-tunes store!! ) some of her reviews read as follow:

"She's channeled Julieta Venegas and Lila Downs into a mouth-watering eight-song EP" - Austin Chronicle.

"Pilar is like a latin-influenced Bjork" - LARecord.

Let's start with my favorite song of the album

and  my second favorite "Novia de Soldado"

well my dears if you would like to find out more about her here are a few links

and her blog

have a beautiful day!

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