Monday, February 16, 2009

"Lovers & Strangers" and a little bit of "Toxinas"

Dear Lovers:

Valentine's day was upon me and i still didn't know where to go but lucky for me i was joined by not one but two a-ma-zing girls. 
We started at "Toxinas" @ Mal's Bar presented by Audio Elemental Radio and the beautiful djs Mony Cometa and Kolo Barrera. Let me say that these guys are incredibly funny and have a great sense of letting loose... i tell ya... hang out with these kids and you won't stop laughing... i love them!
We enjoyed great music by "Leche" who is from Juarez! ha! and they kick ass! and the girls LOVE THEM! check their myspace page and be ready for a spanish delight! 
Can i also mention that there were yummy tamales AND popcorn? 
this was definitely an awesome party to start the night with
Next Stop was "Lovers & Strangers" presented by "The Hear Gallery" and "Hang the Dj's" this was a fabulous Art & Music Festival that was sponsored by way too many people to mention here... ha! but among them was Nacional Records, Filter Magazine, Metromix, and American Apparel. 
The list of featured artist included Tyler Floren, Andrew Robinson and Eric Valdez, just to name a few. Someone new for me was YO! Majesty I have heard "Kriptonite Pussy" before but i had never had the opportunity to see it live and fuck! this girl is A-MA-ZING!!!
I do regret missing the "We are the world" performance but what made up for it was the fantastic dj line up, we were right on time to enjoy part of Aaron Castle's dj set but goodness gracious i was blessed to hear KIM ANH's (Booby Trap) full set! yay!! she is officially my #1 dj!!
what else can i really share with you beautiful lovers? just take a look at "a lotta love" to see more of the night!
have a beautiful rainy day!

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