Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pimp n' Push: just like a breath of fresh air

Dear Lovers:
so last night i made a little detour and was curious to find out what this "Pimp n' Push" party had to offer... well i uncovered a nice little place not so far from "WeHo" (are we implying that we are the ho?) anyways that's another conversation.
I found this place to be incredibly exciting! not only were they playing electro, 80's and indie in one room (delightfully delivered by DJ Shar) but there was a completely separate room playing hip hop, reggae, and R n' B (provided by Dj Syrehn) 
I was so excited about this because i found myself jumping from one room to another in no time. One second i felt like getting down and dirty and the next i felt a little electrified so it was just perfect! And I love the fact that the girls there were so mixed, there was a little eye candy for every taste! ha! perfect!
but i had my eye on the one girl that was working the pole all night... oh baby baby This is definitely one hell of a party! next time you decide to check this night out make sure to thank Pimp(Michelle) and Push(Regina) personally, just make sure you are still coherent enough to form a sentence :)
Good night!
p.s. happy valentine's day!

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