Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Infamous Boom Boom


I have not seen so much blood since *ahem* 
let's just say that upon witnessing monday's performance i was between disturbed and aroused... i can't really explain but to be able to perform the way boom boom did takes courageous balls! mmm yes if i had those curbs i sure rub up some nasty blood while i lick my toys... now in case that you are completely clueless of what i mean...
I present to you the Infamous Boom Boom

I will only tell you one thing well how about three:


and i couldn't look away! 
ha! click here for the photos
is one of those things that are so incredibly fascinating.
Now if you must see footage of some of his performances just take a look at the following

now be a good kid and be a naughty one tonight :)
A little birdie told me that Lady Hawke will be at Booby Trap tonight... yay! and for my spanish lovers i will see you at Mucho Wednesdays to see the fabulous Afrobeta 
Good night :)

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