Friday, April 10, 2009

There's something about Dinah

finally did i get to unpack from the weekend spent at Palm Springs... yes i know it took a while but fear no more because i got dirty with the photos from this kitty (i am still tempted to call it hot, wet, drunk pussy*) event called Dinah Shore.

For those of you that have no idea what this event entitles, perhaps is best for you to not find out due to its nature. This is an event for girls that kiss girls... maybe you are familiar with Katy Perry's song "I kissed a girl" and as she says: "i liked it."
Or perhaps is an event for girls that just want to dance?  a la Lady Gaga, i will even dare to say that there were plenty of girls putting on that poker face just to get a taste of a girl's soft lips... oh the possibilities! 

We ran into many familiar faces and had plenty of places to choose from, which came in very handy because some places were simply dead.
Just look at Valeria desperately making her getaway and heading over to a house party. We were going to join these girls in their cute volkswagen but instead we went to the convention center to see what Ms. Perry had to offer. Well it turns out, the bar had much much more to offer.

After a much needed nap (about three hours) all i can really say is that saturday was a bit like a blur to us, we spent the day trying to get a decent meal... Angelina had what she called "wet dog food" and i had two servings of spicy ceviche from a local mexican spot.
As the night arrived  we had our hopes up for our fellow angeleno's event at the ace hotel but the only good thing we got out of it was this photo.
Off we were to see Lady Gaga, but once again our friends at the bar made sure to make the night memorable but what's funny about that is that we can't really recall half the show, all i know is that we were trying to find Kim Anh who was going to spin right after lady "cool fucking sunglasses" and so we danced until we couldn't dance anymore and went to another house party. yay for house parties! I will have to thank "Stereo" for the hospitality and letting us sleep in her "dancefloor"


And if you ask me about sunday... 
well lets just take a look at

exhibit #1 >>>>>>

 <<<<<<< exhibit #2


exhibit #3 >>>>

Yes my dears i know, it was a dreadful long weekend among girls in bikinis... ugh! i hated every minute of it!
Now if you must have a background music to go with this little experience, don't look for Gaga's or Perry's help just listen to what became my anthem for the weekend...

*hot(because we were in the middle of the desert), wet(for many reasons), drunk(i think is obvious), pussy(do i really need to explain this one?)

Thank you  Angelina for being an amazing travel companion :) and also thank you for the "Chola Mix"
Thank you  Kim Anh for providing us with the fabulous passes to go to all the events.
Thank you "Stereo" for letting us crash at your place and
last but not least Thank you Yenny for making us laugh soo hard during this crazy adventure.
To everyone i ran into this past weekend... let's do it again!
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the photos! click here!


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