Thursday, February 12, 2009

Booby Trap brings back Dj Asha!

Dear Lovers:last night was certainly an a-ma-zing night with the ladies at Booby Trap, they never fail to deliver!
They are simply "hand clapping. feet stomping. hair flinging" deliciously sexy
The night started a bit late i am guessing that was due to the cold weather? anyways the beautiful ladies arrived fashionably late and that's ok due to the stunning eye candy we had to enjoy throughout the rest of the night.
The night started with Dj Anon who has such a great vibe around her, i love it! then we softly transitioned to Dj Asha who was back by popular demand and everyone loved dancing to and lastly but certainly not least was Dj Kim Anh who with those sick mixes ended the night... i tell you i was soo tired from the dancing i actually had to sit down... hahahaha i love them boobies!
and muscles of course... just ask her to show you some of her best features :)
Well i wish you a wonderful day and to see you out soon, what do you lovers feel like doing tonight?? perhaps dropping some panties sounds appealing for tonight? if you feel like so then don't have a doubt in mind i will get a shot of those panties tonight at Panty Raid @ Here lounge... soo amazingly excited that DJ Killed By Synth will be playing all night!!!

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