Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mustache Mondays presents: RAHAB

Dear Lovers:
you know how much i enjoy my monday nights and how much i love Ongina's performances...
well i will have to inform you that Ongina has a beautiful daughter and her name is RAHAB who performed for the first time at Mustache!!! sooo exciting!!! i know!!
She was fabulous! this bitch is fierce! have you seen her long, gorgeous legs!?! damm just take a look at this woman WORRRK it!!!
Rahab: you make mama(ongina) proud!!! *tear drops*
We were also mesmerized by the enchanting voice of Cassidy Haley
and a few of us got one or two nipples hard by Red Light Cabaret
I will leave you with that for now... off to booby central... yay!!
good night.

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