Friday, February 13, 2009

Panty Raid: where is the "raid"?

Good morning dear lovers:
With all the excitement and hype(just click here to see what InLAMagazine had to say) of the new night "Panty Raid"  i asked:
"where the heck is the raid?"
I did certainly enjoy Dj Killed By Synth and how could i not? she made girls shake and reshake their fine booties and that was just lovely to see :)
but what was missing were the brave girls actually showing their undies at the "panty booth" 
Of course if showing off your best panty shot is not quite your cup of tea then a nice free panty shot at the bar will do for you right?
I want the original thursdays @ Here back... any thoughts?
meanwhile i am quite satisfied with with booby shots
whatever tickles the pickle...
tonight looks like Pimp n' Push have a big night!

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